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We believe that parents are children’s first educators and work closely with them in order to support and extend learning opportunities. We believe we need to foster the skills of independence so children can make the most of the resources around them. We believe that children are unique individuals, who need to follow their interests through play and investigation of the world. We believe that children are social beings who will, with the support of their keyworkers, go on to develop amazing relationships with their peers. We believe that children need to learn about the importance of eating healthy food, and being active, in order for them to grow and thrive. We believe that being reflective practitioners we can ensure that this belief becomes a reality. 



We want all children to be active learners, become critical thinkers, to persevere and always do their best.



To make sure our environment is child centred. Happy children learn!!!



We have won two awards (from for being the BEST RECOMMENDED DAY NURSERY IN THE SOUTHERN REGION – 2014/2015 AND 2015/2016.
I have been interviewed for Nursery World Magazine and the Croydon Advertiser and have a spread in Under 5’s magazine. Please take a look at the Links below: › News


Kendor Day Nursery is situated on the grounds of a lovely primary school. We have a spacious garden area with access to a lovely outside pond and playing fields for when we explore our mini beast world. We have a large learning environment and great space for our children to be independent and explore their environment freely. We have a dedicated team of qualified Nursery Officers and Nursery Assistants. We take up to 26 children per day from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. 

Having to find the right nursery for your child must be the hardest thing in a parent’s life. We can ensure you that Kendor Day Nursery is a nursery where your child will feel safe, secure and above all feel like they are in a family environment. Our nursery is warm and welcoming with staff who aim to offer your child the best experiences for them to start their new adventure at nursery. As professionals we nurture their learning by providing a wide range of opportunity and resources. 

The nursery focuses on encouraging children’s independence and choice to support their learning. We encourage fun through freedom of choice, child initiative activities along with adult initiative activities.



In order to be most effective it is important that all staff remain up to date with current developments in the Early Years. We provide staff with access to high quality training but are very aware that we need to show how this has impacted on our practice. Our observations have noted higher levels of engagement and involvement. We also have 1 day inset per year so that all staff can be up to date.

    • All staff have paediatric first aid training
    • All have had current safeguarding training and I have had safer recruitment training (contained in the Level 3 safeguarding training).
    • The SENCO has on-going training and attends monthly SENCO forums.
    • 2 members of staff have attended Developing Learning Outside at West Thornton Primary Academy
    • All staff have had training for behaviour management
    • All staff have had a day’s training on planning